2nd GM norm for IM Yeoh Li Tian!

IM Yeoh Li Tian made history by getting Malaysia’s first Grandmaster norm winning the very strong 2017 Zone 3.3 Chess Championships thereby qualifying for the World Cup! 

He made the nation proud again by getting his 2nd GM norm at the Rilton Cup in Sweden. He met no less than 6 strong GMs in this tournament drawing all games. 3 wins against opponents over ELO 2300 gave Li Tian a total of 6 points out of 9 games. This meets the requirements for the GM norm!

With this achievement, Yeoh Li Tian now only needs one more GM norm to get the prestigious and elusive Grandmaster title.

It must be noted that Li Tian took time off his studies for this demanding one week tournament and he has an exam to study for 2 days after the end of the tournament! We wish him luck and success in both his studies and pursuit of the GM title!

PHOTO by Lars OA Hedlund.

Interactive Crosstable for the Rilton Cup 2018/2019

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All photo credits to: Lars OA Hedlund. 

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