Some clarification about MCF FIDE fees

A chess enthusiast with the handle “Encik Leng” on Facebook suggested that a cheaper alternative (FREE!) by registering as guest member on FIDE Arena which is free and obtain an automatic FIDE ID with the country code FID instead of paying the RM 50 fees asked.

MCF responded back with:

Registration on FIDE Arena is free but there are issues when you are registered under the Country code (FID) and not Malaysia. These are:-

  1. Some countries will not accept players under the FIDE flag (FID) because it is more costly when submitted for ratification.
  2. The affected player’s name is not listed in the national list of players.
  3. Cannot represent the country (in this case Malaysia) for official tournaments that require a player flag (other than FID).
  4. FIDE charges for transfering players under FID to MAS. Costly as this is from FIDE themselves.

The main purpose of requiring a fee for creating a FIDE ID are as follows:-

  1. Cover FIDE annual cost to maintain an active ID under the federation. Approximately 1 EURO per year.
  2. From RM 50, RM25 is to MCF and the other RM 25 is for the state association to register the player. Indirectly this helps the state association in covering the cost of administration for registering that player.
  3. The charge is for life (one time payment) for the player whereas MCF will have to pay every year to keep the player active in the FIDE list.


1.This website MCF and also the author MCF refers to “Malaysian Chess Friends” and not the official Federation. The website is by enthusiasts and has no direct connection with the Malaysian Chess Federation.

2. Apologies for stating there is a 1 EURO per year charge. This website accepts that it was an error in translating from Bahasa Melayu to English where the original quote was “Tak silap saya, 1 EURO/ID setahun”. It is now accepted that the statement is an error. THERE IS NO ANNUAL 1 EURO charge per player per year.

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1 thought on “Some clarification about MCF FIDE fees

  1. I don’t get it. So does it mean that for example there are 100 active Malaysian FIDE rated players on the list, so says MCF pays RM100 per year. But if there are 1000 active Malaysian FIDE rated players on the list, MCF still pays only RM100 per year correct?

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