Hilton’s Friends

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I posted this on Facebook before but Facebook downgrades the resolution more than 4 times. Good for social media but nothing else. So here it’s posted in it’s full native size (click on link) which should be clearer.

This is from the Malaysian Chess Festival 2023. More specifically it’s from the team event: SMS Deen Merdeka Open Rapid Team Chess Championship 2023.

In the picture are (front to back looking at camera):

Hilton’s Friend Too

  • IM Jimmy Liew Chee-Meng
  • CM Tony Dowden R.A.
  • FM Robert Gibbons
  • CM Helen Milligan

Hilton’s Friend

  • Ernest Law Zhe Kang
  • Yek Zu Yang Lam
  • Edwin Laam Choong Wai
  • CM Paul Spiller

Incidentally Hilton’s Friend Too won the best Senior Team prize.

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